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 Muddled Hallways

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The Caretaker


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PostSubject: Muddled Hallways   Thu Mar 08, 2012 4:58 am

Oh my gosh! Friend, are you okay!?!? Shocked

I feel so bad! This whole thing is my fault! I was in such a hurry to get back to work that I left you unattended. I should have been much more responsible than that. I am so very sorry. pale It sure is lucky I was headed over this way to get some things out of the maintenance shed.

Of course you shouldn't have tricked me and tried to sneak around. While everything is under construction there are many dangerous things you could have fallen into! But this is a place for adventuring, afterall. So I don't blame you. In fact, not every option will always be as obvious as you may think. Wink Sometimes in life we have to go through bad times to learn valuable lessons. Besides, everyone is only human and we all make bad choices occasionally. The important thing is that we try to learn and grow from those experiences.

Here, let me help you get back to the front gate safely so you can get back home and get yourself cleaned up.

The Caretaker suddenly stands and turns his back to you. One shrill whistle from his lips later you see a large, but dopey-looking, red horse with a cart attached to it trotting toward you both. As the horse approaches, The Caretaker gently helps you to your feet with obvious care.

Boy, that lip sure looks bad. There's a box of tissues under the seat of the cart you'll be able to use to clean yourself up a little once Dippy gets here. Silly horse, I said to hurry!

Dippy arrives in time to hear The Caretaker's gentle reprimand and snorts as if to say "Hey, what do you expect at a moment's notice across an entire field!" The Caretaker gives the horse a brief pat on the neck to assure Dippy it was a job well done, then quickly helps you climb aboard the rickety, old cart. Your stomach gurgles loudly at the sight of all the fresh fruits and veggies you see filling the entire back of the cart. It's so full, you're not sure how fruit wasn't flying in all directions as Dippy raced across this bumpy field toward you!

Help yourself to the produce, friend. There's plenty to share. And by the sound of your guts you could use a bite to eat. We're a ways away from the gate, but good ol' Dippy'll get us there in no time.

Again, I'm so sorry. But I do hope you learned something on this little excursion of yours. Maybe your next adventure here at Muddle Manor won't be so sanguinous.

Grab some fruit and get comfortable for the ride back to the Front Gate.

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Muddled Hallways

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