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 Muddled Hallways

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PostSubject: Muddled Hallways   Thu Mar 08, 2012 9:55 pm

You have entered
The Maintenance Shed

These lists will be as much for me as they are for you.

This will be where you can check for:
  • What I'm working on currently.
  • Things on my To-Do list.
  • Site Updates that have been added. (expect these to be vague sometimes lol)

Note: Checking here will be the fastest way to see if there is new content to go exploring for! Since the Manor will be full of mystery, people who visit regularly should appreciate a fast way to check to see if there's something new to discover. The Maintenance Shed would be it!!
*Most Recent additions to the site will be at the very bottom of this page*

Currently Working On:

click HERE to show an archived list of past progress:

  • 6-2-13 Just came back to jiggle the locks and check to be sure some unfortunate sould hadn't wandered in, tried to play a game, faced complete silence in the Great Abandon that Muddle Manor becomes occasionally, and had to leave without confirmation. Sad Sometimes I wish I could set Muddle Manor in a permanent "Under Maintenance" setting. (for real, not the fake "Under Construction" entrance to the Estate. haha!) Time permitting, I'd like to come tinker around & get some more areas built soon. But Time is not permitting yet. If you're reading this, thank you for checking The Maintenance Shed Smile

To Do List:

  • pretty much everything lmao!
  • completely re-do the main site banner, avatars, and signatures (right now they're all temporary ones made in 5 minutes - gross!)
  • completely re-do the site's background and color themes (this is almost done now)
  • I need to go back in and edit some of the text in some pages now that I've made progress. Those pages are now out-dated. But I can't stop to go in and edit them yet. Razz
  • I will need to post a more official list of rules at some point
  • way WAY in the future I plan to make all custom buttons and icons
  • create an unfathomable amount of images affraid
  • (added on 8-28-12) Need to try to get that front page fixed somehow >.<

Updates Added:

Legend: New Area/Link Website Function Update Games Images Being Vague

  • 3-03-12 Site Created
  • added muddled hallways
  • added public areas
  • added a Games area
  • added Quick Links, The Front Gate, and Visitor Center to the bottom navigation bar
  • created something vague
  • completely removed all fields from the site that revealed post dates, post views, and post authors muahahaha! Twisted Evil
  • 3-08-12 built (this) Maintenance Shed
  • 3-09-12 Muddle Manor's first functional Game! Game added to Scavanger Hunts
  • 3-09-12 Game added to Scavanger Hunts
  • 3-09-12 Game added to Scavanger Hunts
  • 3-10-12 Game added to Locate Secret Chambers
  • 3-10-12 Game added to The Random Challenges
  • 3-11-12 learned there isn't a way to give more than 8 characters for the name field when visitors post Sad
  • 3-11-12 learned there isn't a way to disable the Captcha (confirmation code) when visitors post or send private messages. (sorry people) Sad
  • 3-11-12 added Copy Protection to the site! Other people may not be happy about this, but I am totally syked about it!! Even deviantart doesn't offer copy protection, which I think they should. Copy protection will enable artists to share their work with less fear of having it stolen. Muddle Manor is now a safe haven. <3
  • 3-12-12 added a hit counter to the footer. LOL! not sure I love it, but will be handy for me to see if people are peeking in or not. : )
  • 3-13/14-12 Getting the site theme graphics worked out. (Not complete yet, but close!)
  • 9-9-12 added images for the Front Gate and manor.
  • 9-10-12 prince1999 donates rough-draft animations for approaching and entering the Manor.
  • 9-12-12 created something vague ... Muddle Manor has expanded a little : )
  • 9-13-12 The First Hallway Ninja game added (finally) !
  • 9-14-12 The Caretaker Builds His Home !
  • 9-14-12 The Caretaker added a link to his new home in The Junk Closet. (for now lol)
  • 9-17-12 created something vague ... Muddle Manor has expanded a little : )
  • 9-30-12 Dippy image provided by frog_9009 <3
  • 10-03-12 created something vague ... Muddle Manor has expanded a little : ) Happy October, everyone What a Face
  • 10-15-12 created something vague ... Muddle Manor has expanded a little : )

For navigation from this page, please either use your Back Button, or you can also use Quick Links.
(if you have a comment or suggestion, that can be found in Quick Links.)

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Muddled Hallways

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