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 Muddled Hallways

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PostSubject: Muddled Hallways   Sat Mar 10, 2012 12:40 am

"Dippy's Cargo"
(Hard) difficulty

This challenge will require you to have not only explored a bit more than the others, but also includes some reading comprehension skills. In the future of Muddle Manor, the difficulty levels of games could become modified in relation to other tasks and games available. This particular game (for example) may actually end up being changed to an (Easy) difficulty setting. If you see how I mean.

Here is your task!

To Win: For this challenge, you will need to give the corresponding letter of the correct answer to a multiple choice question.

What was Dippy's cargo?

______________________________A) The Caretaker
______________________________B) Balloons for a little girl's birthday party
______________________________C) The Caretaker and yourself
______________________________D) Fresh Fruit
______________________________E) The Caretaker, yourself, tissues, fresh fruit, balloons
______________________________F) Yourself
______________________________G) Fresh fruit, veggies, tissues, yourself and The Caretaker
______________________________H) Dippy had no cargo because Dippy was the name of a wall
______________________________I) None of the above

Once you think you've selected the correct answer, follow the link at the bottom of this page and type
only the letter of your choice, not the answers themselves.

(Please do NOT say which game you are playing when you give your answer! If more than one multiple choice games become available, I will give more specific directions for challenge entries as needed.)

You will notice occasionally there will be a hint simply by observing which links are provided at the end of a Game Start Page. The Maintenance Shed below doesn't have any links that will help you, it just leads to Quick Links. But it should let you know approximately which area of Muddle Manor your quest is related to. As Muddle Manor grows, this will be increasingly more important to know. Wink

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Front Gate, Maintenance Shed
I know exactly what Dippy's Cargo was!

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Muddled Hallways

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