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 Muddled Hallways

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Muddle Manor

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PostSubject: Muddled Hallways   Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:22 pm

the All Purpose Room

For some strange reason, there is a potato just inside the door on the floor


THANK YOU, prince1999 for the donations of custom-made animations! You say they're just rough drafts, but you took a flat image I gave you and made it move! And the animation of the door opening, I appreciate that it was never meant to be a final draft, but I have to say I ADORE the quirky way it changes from an animated outside to a realistic inside with a quickly hand-drawn foyer inbetween. I would actually request you consider enhancing those qualities in the final.

I can tell this is going to be fun working together! You have re-inspired me. So I wanted to leave a temporary thank you note here in "The Junk Closet."

We needed to run a test, but here is a nice sample of prince1999's animating skills.
Might have to hide this in Muddle Manor one day. Smile

I'll store prince1999's shout wall address in here for now too.
*(Please Note: The above link takes you to another site, NOT Muddle Manor)

Decide to stop looking in the junk closet.
(no offense, prince LOL)

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Muddled Hallways

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