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 Muddled Hallways

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Muddle Manor

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PostSubject: Muddled Hallways   Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:23 pm

Welcome inside Muddle Manor!

You have won an accomplishment

By wandering into this room, you have accidentally won your first "Hallway Ninja" challenge!
(one of many Games available here at Muddle Manor)

Since you didn't even know you were playing a game, and since this is the first Hallway Ninja challenge, I will explain as
completely as possible what you've won.

*Don't forget to visit the Games page and get recognized as a "Frog Ninja"!


About "Hallway Ninja!"

(This is the only page where you will find a complete breakdown of how this game works. Might wanna remember how to get back here for a refresher course later.)

Hallway Ninja is a very special game that gives you the ability to move around Muddle Manor much more quickly than a non-ninja. The ninja challenges won't all be the same. Some will hide very sneakily and will require you to actually search through the Muddled Hallways until you find your destination. Some rewards may be extremely handy (like this one) or they may just be silly little places you can go that nobody else can.

This first ninja challenge (Frog Ninja) will be handed to you on a silver platter. Typically you would be given, or find a secret Ninja Code that allows you to find your way through the Muddled Hallways with precision. However, for this first challenge, I will simply show you your first code and tell you where you can find the secret link. This way you can either practice using the code, or simply use the link without thinking about codes & such nonsense. You have, afterall, earned the right to zoom quickly from the Front Gate directly to the Grand Hall just because you explored so much! Congratulations!


Using Ninja Codes

If you aren't interested in the codes yet, please skip to the very bottom of the post
to receive your reward the simple way. You actually don't even need the code to use your Frog Ninja reward. But understanding how the codes work will almost definitely be needed if you plan to pursue ninja-ing later!

Your Frog Ninja Code is [122.1]

"Being a ninja is not easy. It takes dedication, patience, fortitude and practice!" - 先生

With that said, here is how the codes work:

1) The very first step is to start at the site's Main Page.
Doesn't matter how you get there. You can click the link I just gave you, you can click inside the picture frame at the top of your screen... OR you can use the Navigation Bar always accessible at the top & bottom of your screen. To get to the Main Page at any time, simply click the very first "Muddle Manor' in the list when you see
Muddle Manor :: Muddled Hallways :: Muddled Hallways :: Muddled Hallways :: Muddled Hallways :: Muddled Hallways

2) Click on "Muddled Hallways". (Depicted in the above image)

It is important to note that entering the Muddled Hallways area does NOT count as part of your Ninja Code.

3) Start following your [122.1] code! (how to follow is described in detail after the image)
The first digits represent "corridors" and the last digits represent "rooms"

Reminder: The first however many digits of a ninja code represent the main category trees, and the decimal represents the specific topic post number on that page.

SO for [122.1] you select the Main "Muddled Hallways" area (this selection is never included in the code.)
Then you select the first main "corridor", then you select the second main "corridor," select the second main "corridor" again. NOW look down the page for the FIRST post in line. That will be your desired link.

1, __ 2, __ 2, _____________ .1

__________________________________________________________________________ ... (Get it?)

I'm REALLY confused can you please help me understand?
(Of course The Caretaker will be happy to try! The above link is a comment sheet designed so guests can post questions and wait for answers from The Caretaker.)

*Helpful Hint: Stay focused on the top section until you hit the decimal point!


*Bonus Hallway Ninja Level contained in this instruction page!

This code is to encourage you to practice lol

Potato Ninja code [1.36]

If you bring me a special message from the Sinsei himself, you will learn "Potato Ninja" as well as "Frog Ninja!"
(You'll need to go to the Games page and navigate your way to the Hallway Ninja Conformation Page
to qualify for a new ninja rank. AFTER you muddle your way through the hallways and retrieve the message, that is. Smile )

Please be forewarned,
the hidden reward link on the potato directs you to "The Caretaker's Home" which leaves the Muddle Manor site.

Below are directions for making use of your reward link. However, for the bonus Potato I will not tell you where on the potato page your secret link is! Twisted Evil


Your Super Secret, Extra Special
--> New Link: [122.1] The Grand Hall <--

That link may not seem special yet, but wait till you realize that link has been hidden on The Front Gate Frog page this whole time! Now that you know to look for it.... hover your mouse cursor over the black area at the very top, center of that frog page. When you see your cursor change and a tiny line appear, that means you can zoom from the Front Gate to The Grand Hall. (Can be tricky to find, that's the point!)

Muddle Manor Ninja Sensei 先生 says:
"You have always possessed this gift, young tadpole."

Return to the Entrance Room
Try to find the frog from The Front Gate
Go to the Main Page to practice using Hallway Ninja codes.
Go to the Games page to earn your ninja rank and mark the starting date of your Hallway Ninja career.

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Muddled Hallways

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