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 Front Gate

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Muddle Manor
Muddle Manor

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PostSubject: Front Gate   Front Gate I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 06, 2012 12:51 am

Muddle Manor Estate
Est. March 3rd 2012
Front Gate

Front Gate FrontGate-1
You are standing at the bottom of a long driveway, looking through the front gate at Muddle Manor Estate.
It is a large home surrounded by a vast expanse of land.

Below will be navigation options in blue.

Unfortunately, for the moment this is as far as you can go due to construction.

(While Under Construction, I have provided a Guestbook, and a Comment sheet. There just isn't very much to do here yet. You could take a peek at where there might be some games later on... if you're bored. All three can be found in the Visitor Center. And Now Introducing...... (drumroll) ...... Muddle Manor Quick Links! This has been added to the navigation links you can always access at the bottom of the page. (That should help!)

P.S. Look down.

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Front Gate

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